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Storytelling was at the heart of A Glimpse of Hollywood and Retail, with Kambiz Hemati sharing his experience of combining both. Kambiz opened the discussion by evoking his idea of bringing these creative industries together, and how they can open new doors and possibilities to the customer experience.

On June 14th-15th, MiND took over the Do The Extraordinary space in the buzzing city of Seattle for our fourth consecutive #MindTalks event. Our vision was to bring the magazine to life, by connecting with the creative minds within our industry, to stimulate an open and compelling discussion, and to motivate and inspire one another. After the completion of the event, we are happy to say, we achieved this and more.

7 Retailers Successfully Reinventing their Physical Stores

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In the past, Verizon outlets had flashy and often overwhelming “lifestyle” displays with a heavy focus on tech. Fast forward to 2017 and Verizon is shifting to a streamlined omni-channel approach, stripping back storefronts to de-clutter the customer experience.

In line with the company’s commitment to extensive customer consultation, Verizon’s latest store designs allow shoppers easier access to touch and feel the products they’ve already researched online. Combining pleasing aesthetics with simple displays, company heads are hoping a visit to Verizon stores will help more empowered, knowledgeable customers achieve a well-rounded digital and physical retail experience.

Verizon Next-Gen Concept - Garden State Plaza

Verizon Next-Gen Concept - Garden State Plaza

The New Verizon | Interview with Kambiz Hemati

Kambiz Hemati, Creative Director of Retail Experience Design at Verizon has created some of the most impressive retail concepts around. To be specific, flagship stores, design prototypes, and retail strategies for companies like Nike, Starbucks, BCBG, just to name a few. Now leading the brand experience design of telecommunication conglomerate Verizon, we delved into Kambiz’s long history in retail and where he first discovered his passion and love for the industry.

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What makes a "third place" feel like home?

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Suppose you wanted to design a home away from home. What would you put in? What would you leave out? What kind of seating would you have? (Soft? Hard? Low? High?) What kind of tables — big working slabs or intimate little two-tops?

A good “third place” may seem casually homey, but its design is the end result of a million tiny decisions. This week on HOME: Stories From L.A., it’s a conversation with Kambiz Hemati, who oversaw store design at Starbucks for two years and now owns Love Coffee Bar in Santa Monica, where he gets to think hard — and think small — about what makes a place feel like home.

Conversation with Kambiz Hemati

Conversation with Kambiz Hemati